Alcohol Free Me 2020 Sponsorship Page

Help me to raise much needed funds for Hospice Jersey by taking on 2020 completely alcohol free!

As someone who very much enjoys regularly socialising with a glass of Prosecco or a Rum and Coke, this is not an easy challenge, with birthdays, friends weddings, Christmas and every day in between!

Hospice has a place in so many of our hearts and has helped so many people through such hard times, let’s give something back and help support their incredible £18,600 daily running costs!

I would really appreciate any spare pennies you may have to donate to help me smash this target and give back to Hospice!



Donation by Miss Lisa Avery on 23 February 2020
Donated: £60

2 months in and you’re doing so well Bex. An awesome challenge for a such a good cause. Good luck hun xxxx

Donation by Miss Abbie Weaver on 21 February 2020
Donated: £12

Well done Becca! Super proud of you x

Donation by Mrs. Rosalie Holland on 16 February 2020
Donated: £50

Good luck Bex, Love from Rosalie, Ben, Josh & Abi xxx

Donation by Ms. Jacqueline Highfield on 15 February 2020
Donated: £20

Well done Bex – Six weeks in and looking good, my promise is £10 for every month so here is Jan & Feb’s donation – keep going hun 🙂 xx

Donation by Mr. Royston South on 15 February 2020
Donated: £25

Good luck Becca 👍

Donation by Mr. Rikki Clark on 15 February 2020
Donated: £25

Alcohol’s for mugs anyway 😬

Donation by Philippa Highfield on 8 February 2020
Donated: £20

Well done so far Bex & good luck!! Xx

Donation by Keith Highfield on 8 February 2020
Donated: £50

Rather you than me darling, good luck 🥰 xx

Donation by Mr. Stuart Fell on 8 February 2020
Donated: £20

Bex, you must be bonkers! Don’t you have an all inclusive holiday coming up later in the year! 🙂

Good luck, and well done for supporting this great charity. Let’s drink to that !! xxx

Donation by Mr. Ben Schofield on 7 February 2020
Donated: £12

With Friday drinks and team nights out, we will definitely test your resolve. Good luck Becca, you can do it 😀