Eilish’s Hospice Cycle Challenge Oct 2019 Sponsorship Page

I am one of a group of 16 taking part in a cycle challenge for Jersey Hospice Care through the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

Day two by way of example we cycle 125 km climbing 2,324m on a mountain road that has been called the most dangerous in Morocco (I am scared of heights!). I have trained more for this than anything ever (although I am still at the back of the group on the hills). I will bore you with the details afterwards as no doubt it will be an unforgettable experience. The cost of the trip has been paid personally and no funds raised will go anywhere except direct to Hospice.

I am raising money for a facility that does so much locally who need funds for the day to day running of Jersey Hospice Care, which is for adults only and for a new facility to provide palliative care for children – we all wish that neither were in such high demand but they are.