Kasha’s 1st half marathon challenge in memory of mum and dad and Dave Farrar Sponsorship Page


Year 2018 was a year of loss. Loss of my mum and dad and loss of a good friend. Loss of hope. Sea of tears, depression, too much alcohol and self-harming. Grieving and asking same questions over and over again. Why them? Why me? WHY…?


Year 2019 was a year of realisation, acceptance and bereavement. More tears, more alcohol, therapy sessions and medication. Mourning and asking same questions over and over again. When is it gonna get easier? When will I live again? WHEN…?


In June 2019 I met a friend, who was my inspiration for quite some time. A friend, who encouraged me to cut down on alcohol, be kind to myself and… start running!

In August I run my first 5k ever. In September I run a 5k leg in a Jersey Marathon Relay. In October I run 13k in Durell Dash raising funds for Jersey Gorillas. I got a ‘running bug’! I joined Jersey Girls Run and kept on running for the remainder of the year.


Year 2020 is a year of change and positive impact. Year of recovery, inner peace and mental health. In Chinese calendar – a year of a mental rat, so… let’s go racing!

My biggest goal of this year is to complete half marathon on 29th March but more importantly to raise £500 for Jersey Hospice in memory of my mum and dad and Dave Farrar, who left us to soon.

Please be generous in your donations. Jersey Hospice is not just about palliative care and dying but also quality of life at the end of life and helping those coming to terms with death of a relative or friend.

Let this be your motto for 2020:



Donation by Miss Leonie Donaldson on 11 June 2020
Donated: £20

Well done! X

Donation by Mrs. Catherine McLaughlin on 7 May 2020
Donated: £10

sorry cannot be more but donating to a few more

Donation by Ms. Jackie Kean on 5 May 2020
Donated: £20


Donation by Mrs. Jo Burchell on 25 April 2020
Donated: £20

Well done Kasha, great achievement and all for a really worthy cause xx

Donation by Miss Giselle Gosselin on 25 April 2020
Donated: £10

Fabbo McFabbo ya Beaut! Xx

Donation by Mr. Kyle B on 9 March 2020
Donated: £20

Donation by Mrs. Sue Farrsr on 7 March 2020
Donated: £30

Good luck kasha great cause x

Donation by Miss India Sewell on 7 March 2020
Donated: £30

Good luck!! You’ve got this !! 💕♥️ Xxx

Donation by Mr. Robson Dom on 7 March 2020
Donated: £50

Donation by Miss Vicky Hiscock on 7 March 2020
Donated: £20

Donation by Miss Emilie Begley on 6 March 2020
Donated: £5

Best of luck!

You’ve had an amazing start to the year already and you’re going to have even better one! (Elephants for good luck!)

Emilie x

Donation by Kenny Atkinson on 1 March 2020
Donated: £20

Go Kasha! You’ll smash it!

Donation by Jan Kenny on 29 February 2020
Donated: £100

Go girl! Let the memories of lovely Mum and Dad be your guide 😘

Donation by Mr. Gavin Manby on 21 February 2020
Donated: £50

I know you can do this! xx

Donation by Mrs. Diane Bowen on 16 February 2020
Donated: £20

You go Kasha, you’ve got this x

Donation by Mr. Duncan Alexander on 8 February 2020
Donated: £50

Go girl…xx

Donation by Anonymous on 31 January 2020
Donated: £5

Good luck!

Donation by Anonymous on 29 January 2020

Sending you loads of hugs and luck – you’ve got this xxx

Donation by Mr. Karol Maziukiewicz on 29 January 2020
Donated: £100

All the best Kasia!

Donation by Mr. jonathan ruff on 27 January 2020
Donated: £150

A very honest and inspiring story Kasia, you should be very proud of yourself x

Donation by Mrs. Clare Power on 25 January 2020
Donated: £20

Go girl, you got this! Good luck with the training. X

Donation by Mrs. Gosia Wordley on 25 January 2020
Donated: £50

Well done girl 👍

Donation by Mrs. Julie Acey on 25 January 2020
Donated: £25

We can do this! Looking forward to training with you xx

Donation by Mr. Michael Fitzgerald on 24 January 2020
Donated: £20

Good luck wee yin , for a great cause and to keep the memories alive 🙏🏻❤️

Donation by Miss Magda Chudzinska on 24 January 2020
Donated: £30

Well done Kasia, you’re my inspiration xx

Donation by Miss Kasha Staniszewska on 24 January 2020
Donated: £50

I’m gonna kick this of with a donation 💪🏻