Pauline Coutanche

In loving memory of my Nanny : 21st October 1934 to 21st June 2013

For my 30th birthday, I am asking for donations instead of presents, in loving memory of My Nanny, who passed away on my birthday three years ago. Samantha

My Nanny
It’s been 3 years now Nanny,
Since the day that you were gone,
It was the day of my 27th birthday,
That god decided to call you home.

It was the longest day of the year,
The day the phone call came,
I rushed down to the hospital,
My heart was filled with pain.

I didn’t make it to you,
Although I did my best,
I wish I could have said goodbye,
Before you went to rest.

One thousand times I have needed you,
And over one thousand times I’ve cried,
If love alone could have saved you Nanny,
There is no way you would have died.

I prayed for you Nanny,
Every day that you were sick
I prayed that god would give me your pain,
So without any suffering you would slip.

I thought you would be ok Nanny,
I still hoped you had been misdiagnosed
But your tiered heart of gold stopped beating,
And your sparkling eyes they closed.

It all happened so quickly,
And I wish that you were still here,
I wish I could see your face again,
I wish I could stop the tears.

Although I can’t see you Nanny,
I can always feel you near,
Your always going to be in my memory,
Until the day I drop my very last tear.

I hope you are sleeping well Nanny,
And your golden heart is at rest
Although my heart is broken
I know that god has called for the best.

So dance beyond the pearly gates
And enjoy those ones you had lost,
And I will see you when I’m sleeping Nanny,
Because I always pray that you will come.

Although this pain is painful,
And Im still not ready to let you go,
I will have to wait for death to take me to Nan
So we can together one day glow.

Until that day, when I close my eyes,
I hope to see your smiling face
I will lock you deep inside my heart,
I know you’re in a better place.

So rest now my beautiful Nanny,
I’ll never forget how much you have done
So until my hand meets yours again,
Sleep now my precious Nanny.
Sleep well in the sun.