Peter runs the London Marathon 2019 Sponsorship Page

It is with the greatest pleasure that I am able to announce that I have been chosen to run the London Marathon 2019 for Jersey Hospice Care in memory of my lovely Dad who passed in their magnificent care in August 2017.

I can’t tell you how proud I am to have been selected to run for such an amazing charity and I promise to do Jersey Hospice Care and my lovely Dad proud.

I will be running (no pun intended) a series of fundraising events, which I am sure you will be more than willing to pay your hard earned cash toward so that it can go straight into the charity’s coffers.

I will be releasing details when I have them for you but trust me, you won’t want to miss out!


Donation by Anonymous on 19 November 2018
Donated: £20

Donation by Back to the Nineties night on 2 May 2018
Donated: £735.15

Donation by Peter McLinton on 16 March 2018
Donated: £100

Money kindly given to me for ‘the cause’

Donation by 80s Night on 6 March 2018
Donated: £1207.07

Donation by Mr. Cliff Fleming on 6 March 2018

Love the posts mate.
Wish I could be there

Donation by Back to the Seventies night on 30 January 2018
Donated: £585.27

Donation by Anonymous on 7 January 2018
Donated: £10

Donation by Mrs. Frances Chambers on 7 December 2017
Donated: £20

Donation by Ms. Sharon Leverington on 5 November 2017
Donated: £100

I believe I met your Dad at Hospice – he came to say hello to my Dad who was also a patient. He seemed like a lovely man. My Dad sadly lost a very brave battle with bone cancer, having spent many weeks at Hospice trying to manage the pain, on 18 July 2017. I really admire your efforts to raise funds for such a truly worth cause – I am in awe of the amazing, tender, standard of care he received and pray that it remains available for others to benefit from. All the best with the run !

Donation by Ms. Sarah Ransom on 29 October 2017
Donated: £100

Good luck Pete , it will be brilliant !

Donation by Miss Jane Fox on 27 October 2017
Donated: £20

Good on you Pete. Hope the training goes well and that you absolutely nail it in 2018. X