Rose finally gets to run the London Marathon :-) Sponsorship Page

For as long as I can remember I watched the London Marathon on TV, cried at the background stories, watched in awe at people crossing the finish line with all of their different goals and reasons for running and have always wished to be part of it and finally after 4 attempts I’ve won a ballot place! It’s the 40th Anniversary of the London Marathon this year and it takes place on Sunday 26th April (15 weeks and counting!!).

I started running regularly six years ago, alongside my lovely friend and running buddy Geraldine Evans, who I will be running this with.    I’ve taken part in a few half marathon events but this is my first full marathon. I’m actually quite a lone runner, which beggars the question, why I want to run alongside over 40 thousand people in London?! So I’m excited and terrified in equal measures!

I’m taking my training very seriously and have roped in the help of a wonderful team of people to help me get over the finish line and I’m going to need it! I’ve also decided to elongate the usual ‘Dry January’ to be dry until the second I step over the finish line on the Mall

I’ve chosen to raise money for our wonderful Jersey Hospice Care. They provided my dear father-in-law, Jim Gray with such care and compassion in his last few days and also supported us all through such a sad time and for that our whole family is forever indebted to them. I want to use this opportunity to also be able to thank and support Jersey Hospice Care for their services.