Shirley Anne Baudains

Shirley’s Eulogy written by Dilys Maletroit

Hello Everyone,

It is so lovely to see so many of you here today for Shirley, and I only wish it could have been under happier circumstances.

I feel so privileged to be able to speak to you all about Shirley’s life, this is indeed the saddest occasion I have shared with her. Many of us here will have enjoyed lots of happy times with Shirley, and I want to talk about her life in an upbeat way, just how she would have wanted.

I have known Shirley since we were both 11 years of age when we started Secondary school, and we became the best and closest of friends. We have shared many memories including tears (and not to mention – secrets!), but more importantly there was lots of laughter and I can honestly say we never said a cross word to each other. Shirley has also been the best God Mother that my daughters Hannah & Sammy could have, and Great Aunt to my Grandson whom she adored as if he was her own.

Shirley was born on 30 November 1958 and Christened Shirley Anne Houguez at this Church, she was raised by her Dad; Harry and her mum, the late Mavis Houguez at their home in St Peter where Harry still resides today and where Shirley lived in the adjoining flat with Robert, the love of her life.

Shirley’s school days started at St Peter’s Parish School, and then continued on to the Jersey College for Girls. Shirley had a love of music and during her school years, learnt to play the Piano, Clarinet & Bassoon and was part of the school orchestra and wind band. With her experience in playing these instruments she later went on to teach herself the Saxophone.

After sitting her O’levels, Shirley began a long career in the Finance industry and continued to gain further qualifications. An unusual qualification worthy of mention is one she gained whilst working as the HR Officer for the oil rigs in the North Sea. This was in 1997, when she became one of the first women to complete the survival training that included a jump into the sea from a height of 40ft. Certainly not one of her comfort zones! Shirley continued to build her career forming many friendships along the way until she semi-retired last year to spend more time with Robert and their dog Jess and of course keep Harry in check!

Outside of work, Shirley’s main hobby was pistol shooting. A former president of the Jersey Pistol Association for 13 years, Shirley had followed the path of her Dad, who also won medals in his younger days. Shirley started in 1988 and within a few years was being selected to represent Jersey in the Island and Commonwealth games. This followed on to becoming a Great Britain team member, Adjutant, and then a Team Captain. It was at these competitions that 11 years ago she met Robert and they were devoted to each other to the very end.

Shirley loved her holidays, and has travelled far and wide, from the heat of Kenya and the Caribbean, to a reluctant but enjoyable trip to the cold of Iceland. Shirley nearly always organized her holidays that also included a surprise Concord trip for her Mum and Dad. Kenya was a very popular holiday destination having visited there every year for most of the last 23 years. There were cruises and safaris, and many trips away with friends and family, to go to concerts, shopping, and competitions to name a few.

Some of Shirley’s’ other loves were her cars and her dogs. From her treasured Yellow Porsche that you see on the front of your Order of Service to her much loved furry friends; Henry, Winnie, Maisie and Jess. Each of them had their certain growl.

All through Shirley’s life, she has gained friends and friendships that spanned all around the globe. There are so many of her friends that cannot be here today but with the power of Facebook, (love it or hate it) she has received so many messages of condolence and when reading through them there are several words that kept coming up: Bubbly, vivacious, happy, fun, laughter, warm, kind, full of life, smiles and giggles. This is Shirley to a T.

Shirley really was a kind and caring person too, and helped and supported so many colleagues along with their own journeys. Whilst her laughs and happiness and kindness touched us all, Shirley was also a very private person and she kept much of her own pain and troubles to herself. This was even more evident during the last few months of her life. I know many of you would have liked to say your good byes, but time was against her, and she would have wanted you to remember her with the happy times you have shared with her.

Happy times & memories, there are so many I have of my own and I have also heard and read so of many of yours that I could be here all day but the ones that I remember most are the ones where we laughed so much it brought tears to our eyes, I wont mention other little laughing mishaps that happened along the way.

We must keep her memory alive, and maybe you could share some of them with us later. In the meantime here are a few shared words that I know will touch many of you, and bring those happy memories come flooding back:

• Being naughty at ballet, (yep she did ballet too!)
• Taking fun photos on school grounds including clambering over a teacher’s beloved sports car.
• Playing golf on early Sunday mornings but spending more time trying to recover after the night before on the bench in between golf tee-offs.
• Dancing the Irish jig in the hotel lounge in Dublin after sampling too much of the local black and white velvet libation.
• Discussions of Robert’s kilt at the Muddy Duck
• Afternoons spent putting the world to rights and Enlightening conversations

I mentioned before about Shirley’s love of music, she went too soon to tell us what she wanted us to play here today but she did tell me many years ago that she wanted Forever Young sung by Meat Loaf, played for her today as she came in. Shirley will certainly be forever young and forever in our hearts.

We are now going to play some music called Heart & Soul by Kenny G, a well known saxophone player. We found this piece of music on her iPod on her Top Favourites list, and I do know that Shirley found solace when listening to the Saxophone. As we play it now I hope that you can too, and reflect on your own memories of Shirley.

Sleep tight my lovely, my best forever friend.


Donation by Mrs. Anne Boydens on 21 March 2017

To a dear friend Shirley you were the best working buddy anyone could wish for.
Good night god bless xx

Donation by Mrs. Vicki Anderson on 10 March 2017

With love and memories ❤️

Donation by Mr. Mark Anderson on 10 March 2017

Forever in our thoughts, you’ll be dearly missed

Donation by Mr. David Perchard on 8 March 2017

In memory of our dear friend Shirley Anne Baudains.
David & Tricia Perchard

Donation by Mr. Ronald & Laurie Moss on 5 March 2017
Donated: £50

We will always remember Shirley as a wonderfully warm and compassionate friend for many years.

Donation by Ms. Cat Hallden on 27 February 2017
Donated: £30

Will miss you!! Xx

Donation by Mrs. Michelle Thorpe on 27 February 2017
Donated: £30

A truly amazing woman who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her xx

Donation by Mrs. VERONICA SCOTT on 27 February 2017
Donated: £50

Taken far too soon!