Siren Slips – Wendy Sponsorship Page

Sirens slip from the slip into the water . . . We are grateful we can enjoy swimming every day, connecting to the water, the beauty and the space. It changes our call from cantankerous to harmonious.

I am swimming to thank Jersey Hospice Care for the wonderful care it gave my mother recently. I would love to surpass my goal and thank anyone of you that is able to help me.

Love Wendy (Sea-swimmer with Siren Slips (sans wetsuits!!!)


Donation by Miss CAROL RAFFERTY on 9 September 2019
Donated: £30

Is there no end to your talents! Well done Wendy. Love Carol

Donation by Mrs. Meryl Laisney on 8 August 2019
Donated: £25

What a wonderful challenge! Very inspiring and awesome effort on completing it..xx

Donation by Mrs. Susan Keatley on 30 June 2019

Good for you, Wendy. Hope the weather is kind to you!

Donation by Mrs. Anita Brandon on 29 June 2019

You’re amazing Wend, an inspiration xx

Donation by Mrs. Lallie Clarke on 27 June 2019
Donated: £40

Donation by Ms. Patti Lunt on 27 June 2019
Donated: £50

Hi Wendy 🙋‍♀️ Not only are you a ray of sunshine!🌞You are also a great source of inspiration and we have nothing but admiration for you.❤
Skinny dipping too! Not just a pretty face.
You Go Girl!! 🏊‍♀️
Your mum🌹 will be so proud of you as we are too.
Patti and Peter.😘

Donation by Mrs. Julie Coward on 27 June 2019

Hats off to you, brave lady!

Donation by Vanessa Williams on 26 June 2019
Donated: £10

I hope you’re enjoying every moment of this amazing challenge Wendy ! Well done . Love Vanessa x

Donation by Mrs. Sue Cordwell on 26 June 2019

Donation by Mrs. Julie Martin on 26 June 2019
Donated: £40

Donation by Mrs. Julia Allsop on 26 June 2019
Donated: £30

What a fantastic thing to do. I hope it all goes well. With much love – Julia xx

Donation by Ms. Georgina Simpson on 26 June 2019
Donated: £60

To my Mum, This is a great challenge which I know you will complete with ease and a smile as always on your face! To Hospice I cannot thank you enough for being there for my Granny in here time of need.
To mum and granny I love you both so much.
Your George xxx

Donation by Mrs. Yvonne Corbin on 26 June 2019
Donated: £20

Donation by Mrs. Margaret Rumbold on 26 June 2019
Donated: £50

Wonderful thing to do Wendy, the Hospice is a great place and is helping your fantastic Mum coping with her terminal cancer. God Bless you Eileen. Xx