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Hi folks,

Welcome to my page, I’ll keep it simple. The two charities that this challenge is supporting are really special to Jersey; The National Trust for Jersey does an incredible job with our Island in all its beauty, whilst being steeped with incredible historic sites and Jersey Hospice Care, hospices need no introduction, but every £1 we can give them will help support individuals and families during the saddest of times.

I haven’t put much for my goal as I don’t like to pester, but please know that this site will split all of the proceeds 50/50 between the two charities, no money is taken for the site.

Thank you in advance, your donation will make a difference 🙂


Donation by Mr. Antony Allen on 2 August 2019
Donated: £20

Well done Maria

Donation by Mrs. Dawn Rutherford on 26 July 2019
Donated: £20

Good luck would have joined you but don’t have a wet suit 😂😂

Donation by Mr. Andrew Huggon on 22 July 2019
Donated: £20

Donation by Mrs. Cheryl Jeans on 16 July 2019
Donated: £20

Looks beautiful. Well done. Love us xxx

Donation by Mrs. Joanne Lacey on 16 July 2019
Donated: £10

Good luck Chick xxx

Donation by Mrs. Lynda Elliott on 15 July 2019
Donated: £20

Good luck Maria!! Great causes and the locations look stunning!! ‘This girl can!’ 🏊‍♀️

Donation by Denise & Peter Wheeler on 14 July 2019

Congratulations & well done Maria. Xx

Donation by Miss Jennifer Wheeler on 14 July 2019
Donated: £20

Love from Jen and Nick xxx

Donation by Mr. Antony Wheeler on 14 July 2019
Donated: £20

Incredible effort Cous… WE LOVED THE PICS!! Lots of love Ant, Sim, Jos and Alfie xxx

Donation by Ms. Cristina G on 13 July 2019
Donated: £20

Good luck, Maria!