That crazy desert thing! Rachel’s Sponsorship Page

Thanks for taking the time to visit my sponsorship page.

In less than 90 days, I will be undertaking a Challenge known as the Marathon des Sables.

It is the 34th self-sufficient foot race of several stages over a distance of about 250km in the sweltering heat of the Sahara dessert. It is split into six stages set by the race directors each year so the course is never the same. Most stages are of Marathon length, but one is approx 80km and will probably run into the night. A small portion of people run, but I will in the majority run and walk. The heat will reach and possible exceed 50C, and the terrain will vary.

I will carry all my own food, sleeping gear and anything else I need to survive for the duration. A tent, which I will be assigned, will be erected at camp each night. Water supply is also limited and provided by the organisers, at specified points.

Many of you know and many of you do not, I had an accident years ago. Long story short I was told I would never walk properly again. Since then I have healed myself and to be able to undertake a challenge like this is something I never thought possible.

So the to the gritty bit and the reason for my writing. Entrance to the event has not come cheap but I have funded this myself as I think this will be a life changing experience. However I am raising money for Jersey Hospice Care in memory of my Nan who taught me never to give up – EVER.

Please be generous and sponsor me; not only will it help motivate me in training over the next few months but in getting my ass across that finish line where I can be sure to cry!


Donation by Ms. Denise Guegan on 24 May 2019
Donated: £20

What a fantastic achievement, Rachel, and thank you for sharing it with Healthhaus members.

Donation by Miss Leila Mccreery on 22 May 2019
Donated: £5

Well done!!!

Donation by Mr. Peter Richmond on 23 April 2019
Donated: £100

Donation by Miss Natalie Boyte on 15 April 2019
Donated: £20

Sorry the donation is late. Well done that is amazing!

Nat and Sam

Donation by Miss Lucie Lord on 15 April 2019
Donated: £25

Donation by Prof. Fungi Delecti on 11 April 2019
Donated: £500

You have our admiration and our full support. amongst the inevitable pain please try to take the time to smile, enjoy and realise ” I AM DOING THIS” .. Good on you and best wishes from us. Jamie, Mick Jean Lee and all at Fungi Delecti.

Donation by Mr. Peter Allman on 8 April 2019
Donated: £100

Good luck Rachel

Donation by Mr. Matt Leggatt on 8 April 2019
Donated: £100

Donation by Ms. Sam Andrews on 5 April 2019
Donated: £30

My hero

Donation by Miss Samantha Matthews on 4 April 2019
Donated: £10

What a challenge! You brave girl. Good luck it will be an amazing achievement. YOU CAN DO IT xx
Sam Matthews

Donation by Kay & Ken Herbert on 4 April 2019
Donated: £500

Good luck Rachel so proud of you Ken & Kay xx

Donation by Mr. Luke Kilwin on 3 April 2019
Donated: £50

Better finish

Donation by Mr. Andy Fairnie on 3 April 2019
Donated: £50

I know you will give it your best shot, good luck x

Donation by Mrs. Tina Carter on 29 March 2019
Donated: £30

Good luck

Donation by Miss Louise Robert on 19 March 2019
Donated: £30

Good luck!! Xx

Donation by Miss Sue Bentley on 19 March 2019
Donated: £50

Good luck Rachel
From all of us at The Chocolate Bar

Donation by Mr. Josh Habin on 26 February 2019
Donated: £40

Good luck!!!

Donation by Mrs. Karen Cabot on 25 February 2019
Donated: £25

What an awesome challenge, although slightly insane also! Best of luck Rachel

Donation by Mrs. Lynda Le Cocq on 8 February 2019
Donated: £30

Awesome challenge! Wishing you every success. Keep well, keep safe, take care. God bless you.

Donation by Mrs. Sarah Jones on 7 February 2019
Donated: £10

Wow! Best of luck Rachel. You will be amazing!

Donation by Mr. Philip Rice on 3 February 2019
Donated: £20

Good kuck Rachel.